Sneeze Guard, Spit Guard, Sneeze Barriers & Partitions for Drivers

RideShield for RideShare

The Defender Shield Series was thoughtfully and carefully designed and constructed after months and months of testing.

Let's Drive Again!

The flexible design conforms to the curves of YOUR ceiling of YOUR car and covers the entire back seats for easy cleaning and sanitizing. We designed a lightweight, portable, easy to install, trim to fit “shield” that separates the driver from the passenger.

Let's Ride Again!

We searched for the best possible materials for clarity, stability, and ease of use while giving the largest surface area for the greatest protection and ease of cleaning.


We carefully and thoughtfully designed the “shield” with the needs of both PASSENGER and DRIVER in mind. Our products provide maximum coverage area for the comfort of both passenger and rider.

Together...While Apart.

The materials we use are easier to talk through and provide GREATER SEAT CONFORMING COVERAGE than other products using plexiglass thus allowing for a more comfortable ride and drive, together… while apart.


We mean that! We didn’t just choose any vinyl and not all vinyl is the same! We know! We tested them!


Best possible materials for clarity, stability, and ease of use, while giving the largest surface area for the greatest protection and ease of cleaning.
















































































































“I highly recommend this product!”
































































“RideShield for Rideshare designed  a physical protective barrier between the driver and passengers enhancing safety for all. 






















































































































































































































































A “Half Shield” is just that!  Half protection.   


About the Product



We give you the tools and freedom for customization if you so desire. 

Lightweight and Portable

We have designed our product to be easy to install and take out.

Greater Coverage and Flexibility

Our product covers from ceiling to base of seat or floor- depending on the the size of your car.

Easy to Clean

Upholstery is difficult to clean and sanitize. That is part of the problem with other products.


We use a special premium clear marine vinyl that is double polished for optimal clarity. 


We are thinking about our impact on the environment, too. The product can easily be recycled.

Made in America

With the purchase of the product, you support American and minority owned businesses. You support American jobs and families. Sure, it could be produced cheaper overseas, but we made a conscious effort to source locally when possible, seek out minority owned businesses and manufacturers in the making of this product and this business, and keeping jobs in America.

Defender Shield 2: Economy Version


DEfender Shield

Minimal Assembly Required

Measure, Cut, Secure and Go! Fastest way to be covered!


Conforms to YOUR seats - Easily To Install / Uninstall


Covers sides of seats between the door and the seat.


Measure, Cut, Secure, and Go! – Just wipe down


Double Polished, Crystal Clear!


Designed to bend to the shape of YOUR ceiling!

We have designed our product to be easy to install and take out. With the first fitting, there will be minor simple cutting and measuring to get you up and going. After the initial fitting, it is designed to be easily taken down if you so desire. It is lightweight and portable, so you can easily take it down, roll it up and go on with your life.

Our Story

When my son was 30 days old, we were told he would be blind.  Over the years, he developed vision, but not enough to drive. We always chose to live in a city with great public transportation;  but even that was not enough. 

What we found with the advent of the Ride Share industry?

We found that the Ride Share industry, because of it’s prevalence all over the world, gave him FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE. No longer did he have to stand in the pouring rain or northern cold waiting for the bus that was late, or the train delayed. No longer did he have to call ahead hours in advance, or know the local taxi number in every city he visited.  The Ride Share industry even opened up which colleges he could apply to.

But the pandemic changed that…


According to the website,  

“COVID-19 can sometimes be spread by airborne transmission

  • Some infections can be spread by exposure to virus in small droplets and particles that can linger in the air for minutes to hours. These viruses may be able to infect people who are further than 6 feet away from the person who is infected or after that person has left the space”


According to 

“People can also become infected with SARS-CoV-2 by touching surfaces or objects contaminated with the virus, and then touching their mouths, noses, or eyes. Current evidence suggests that novel coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on a variety of surfaces. Frequent cleaning of visibly dirty and high-touch surfaces, followed by disinfection, can help prevent SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory pathogens (germs) from spreading in workplaces.”



As a mother and a spouse of a Essential Frontline worker,   rideshare user,  I was afraid too, and I was not alone. 

So, I invented RideShield for RideShare Defender Shields.

ThE Solution

With RideShield for RideShare Defender Shields, we can drive again and ride again with confidence knowing we  taking proactive measures to keep as a  safe as possible.

We are all safer… together…while apart because the Defender Shield Series is the ONLY product that CONFORMS to your ceiling, conforms to your seats, , can be customized to your needs, and covers the ENTIRE back of the seats to the base of the seat giving you the MOST coverage of products out there  during a pandemic.  

Don’t risk it! 

Who wants “half coverage” in a pandemic?

Other cheap products our there  only offer   “half coverage” plexiglass shields that leave you exposed  at the top and middle and back of the seat because they LACK  floor to ceiling coverage and leave your car  and seats a great place for germs to land.   


Upholstery is hard to clean and sanitize.


Words from Customers

“It was so easy to install and so clear.  It is like it wasn’t even there!”


“This is AWESOME! ”  Uber Driver – Saed- Chicago

“I feel safer with it installed!”

SF-  Uber Driver

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