Defender Shield 2: Economic Version


Covid 19 Fall surge is here.

Don’t let yourself be exposed by “half coverage options”.


“Measure, Trim, Loop, Snap, and Go Version”
Minimal Assembly Required
Initial Set up Time Estimate: 5-8 min- individual results may vary


Life is crazy right now. with the pandemic.  Get some control back into your life by taking action to protect your self and your family. Don’t do your job exposed.

According to the CDC, “COVID-19 can sometimes be spread by airborne transmission

  • Some infections can be spread by exposure to virus in small droplets and particles that can linger in the air for minutes to hours. These viruses may be able to infect people who are further than 6 feet away from the person who is infected or after that person has left the space.
  • This kind of spread is referred to as airborne transmission and is an important way that infections like tuberculosis, measles, and chicken pox are spread.
  • There is evidence that under certain conditions, people with COVID-19 seem to have infected others who were more than 6 feet away. These transmissions occurred within enclosed spaces that had inadequate ventilation. Sometimes the infected person was breathing heavily, for example while singing or exercising.”

Don’t buy a “pre-shaped shield” that does not conform to your car leaving you exposed at the top and middle and  leaving you vulnerable.  Half shield is just that: Half coverage!

Get the most coverage available with the Defender Shield 2 and CUSTOMIZE it the way YOU want it.  The only one like it on the market.

The Defender Shield 2 is made from a thick, heavy duty Marine Grade FLEXA Vinyl,  Coverage area approx. 52 x 44 inches floor to base of seats.  Minimal setup time with parts pre-looped and pre-strapped saving you precious time. Get the Defender Shield for maximum protection. Easy to install and clean.

The Fall Surge is here!  Take a proactive measures to protect yourself and your family. 

Sale Price $75.00

Ford Eco Sport 2020
Photo of young woman in back seat of a car with a clear defender shield.
Photo of young woman in back seat of a car with a clear defender shield.

Defender Shield 2- Best value for your money

“Time is Money” Pre-Looped, Semi Pre-Assembled, Pre-Strapped. The “Measure, Trim, Loop, Snap, and Go Version”.  Fastest way to get you back on the road with the protection you need to stay safe this winter.

Minor Assembly Required - Money is Time!

Measure, Trim, Loop, Snap and Go! Fastest way to be covered!


Conforms to the back of YOUR seats


Protection from damage to seats


Super easy install and ease of cleaning with Clorox wipes/similar


This isn't any vinyl. It's Marine vinyl!


Designed to bend to YOUR ceiling!

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Defender Shield 2


This is NOT  “just a piece of plastic”. Believe us! 

We researched and tested them all! 

We found out what worked and what failed! 

We chose the best materials out there to construct this to give you optimal coverage, clarity and ease of use along with flexibility and the ability to customize this if you want to.

We found Marine Grade FLEXA Vinyl – the stuff they use in boats, is the best out there.  Period. 

It is manufactured with special “cold water bath process” to make the vinyl super clear and durable in a variety of weather conditions

It is then “double polished” to give optimal clarity and durability. 

It is easy to clean and protects your seats from scratches and use. 

The “Support Bar” in unique in construction and design.  All cars are different; and all drivers are different.  The “Support Bar” is flexible and is made to conform with YOUR ceiling and YOUR Car, giving optimal coverage. And, it is FULL COVERAGE!  It covers from YOUR CEILING to FLOOR/Base of seat- depending on your car.

  No other product offers this much coverage and customization options to fit YOUR needs! 

Want to make customizations for your needs?  You CAN with this product.  Easy to trim, fit, or bend based on how you want it!


ONE  Defender Shield 2 with Support Bar attached  to  Marine Vinyl and pre-cut holes.  The Support Bar is reinforced at strategic points to promote longevity of the product. (Measure/Trim Required)

What’s Included?

  • ONE  Defender Shield with Support Bar attached  to  Marine Vinyl and pre-cut holes. The Support Bar is reinforced at strategic points to promote longevity of the product. EASY Measure, Trim, Loop, Secure Required

Approximate Support Bar Measurements: 3 inches by 72 inches

Approximate  Vinyl measurements: 52 x 44 inches of FLEXA Marine Vinyl

  • FOUR Headrest Straps- Pre-Assembled- Used to attach Defender Shield (above) to car headrests- Snap and go!

Composed of:

FOUR  Easy Close/Release Adjustable Buckles– fits 1 inch straps

FOUR 1 inch adjustable straps to fit into Easy Close/ Release Adjustable Buckles

  • FOUR – 1 inch wide Elastic Back of the Seat Straps Attached to “ Shield” already (just slip double loops  over each seat for super easy install.   Two loops for the back of each seat for a total of 4 pre tied and looped elastic bands.

  • TWO Thin Headrest Elastic Conforming Straps– optional install

  • FOUR Base of Seat to Floor straps – (optional install)
  • SIX Car Upholstery Cork Screws ( optional install) – (Recommended for folding Vinyl and securing to  “Support Bar”, but not necessary.)
  • ONE Black Plastic Re-usable Carry Bag for easy storage
  • ONE Strip Industrial Strength Hook and Loop (optional)
  • One Signed Thank You Card for supporting our small business

Please remember, this product can be recycled after use.

Note: This is a hand assembled and constructed item and much of the work done by people, not machines. Some variations may occur with a custom made product, but will not impact the quality of your product. 


California Proposition 65

Attention California Residents

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California’s Proposition 65 entitles California consumers to special warnings for products that contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. These warnings are for products that expose consumers to such chemicals above certain threshold levels. We care about our customers’ safety and hope that the information below helps with your buying decisions.

The general Proposition 65 notice is as follows:

WARNING: All our products contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.




COLD CRACK:           -40F (CFFA – 6A)





Material may shrink 1-3 % as is normal for this material.

Support bar: Polyethylene (PE/PL)

This is a custom made and  hand constructed product and may have slight variations consistent with hand constructed products.  These slight variations have no impact on the quality of the product.


Get Defender Shield 2 now!

With RideShare for RideShield, we can drive again and ride again with confidence knowing we are all safer… together…while apart.