Defender Shield 2 Economic Version

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Product Details:

Provides approximately 52 inches wide by 44 inches coverage from conforming to any ceiling  and covering back of seats to base of seat*/ floor* (depending on interior height of your car).

Approximate vinyl size: Approximately 52-54 inches x 44 of coverage

Support “bar”: Approximately 6 feet and can easily be trimmed/cut.

Attaches to car using buckles and elastic

Can easily be removed and reinstalled

Easily Cleaned and Sanitized


Marine FLEXA Vinyl  (TM)

Vinyl Product: Double Polished Extruded

UV Resistant: 500 Hours

Cold Crack: -40F (CFFA – 6A)

Safe for Kids: CPSIA/REACH Compliant (16 CFR 1303)


Vinyl may shrink 1-3 %

Handcrafted product by American workers supporting American families so slight variations are consistent with an hand crafted product.  These variations will not impact the quality or function of your product.

Made in America



Additional information

Dimensions 44 × 52 in